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For more than 43 years Fine Woodworking has been teaching and inspiring woodworkers to do their best work. But we also want to connect with our audience so ...

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Arts-and-Crafts Cottage Bookcase

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An Elegant, Contemporary Desk

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Basic Workbench with Built-In Storage with Phil Lowe

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Furniture: Great Designs from Fine Woodworking Paperback – September 19, 2006

Download ...

Pedestal Dining Table with Tim Rousseau

How-To Articles


Build a Basic Tablesaw Outfeed Table

Links from Fine Woodworking issue #272

Tips you can use

Building a Chippendale Chair

Make A Contemporary Swing-Arm Lamp

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Fine Woodworking editors

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Synopsis: When Andrew Hunter builds furniture for his own house, in his own style, he typically builds it from pine. From blanket chests to tables to case ...

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Introducing Fine Woodworking UNLIMITED

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Article Image. Woodworker: Geoffrey Carson

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Episode 1: Making the Templates and Bending Form

Dovetailed Tea Box

Modern Adirondack Chair

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Episode 4: Making the Door Cores

A close reproduction of a stool in John Shea's book, “Making Authentic Shaker Furniture.” I've made three or four of these and worry about anyone ever ...

Woodworker: Mark Edmundson

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a custom kitchen island

I built this while at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine. Under the tutelage of the esteemed woodworkers there I refined my woodworking skills ...

Veneering Curved Doors

Small Tool Cabinet with Garrett Hack

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Ultimate Shaker Workbench

Woodworker: Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford

STL186: Machinery Placement Guidelines

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Router Table Fundamentals with Bob Van Dyke

How to Add Strength and Style to Any Slab

Tapered Sliding Dovetails by Hand

Finishes: Our Favorite Articles


How to Build a Garden Chair with Michael Fortune

Enfield Cupboard with Hand Tools featuring Chris Gochnour

Our favorite articles and videos of 2018–Part 2

STL 176: Why we don't like resawing on the tablesaw. FineWoodworking

Fine Woodworking Unlimited has proven to be a tremendous benefit in both the design inspiration and the methods used to build each of the projects.

Synopsis: Some 32 years ago, Charles Durfee built a home that truly housed his whole life, with a shop for his furniture-making business downstairs, ...

Small Woodworking Shops The New Best of Fine Woodworking PDF - Video Dailymotion

How To Woodworking Unlimited Hanson Ma

Online Membership

Cabinetmaking & Fine Woodworking Apprenticeship

Greenwood Shrink Pot with Danielle Rose Byrd (reupload). FineWoodworking

jason mccloskey fine woodworking website ...

Butterfly joint installed to stabilize a crack in a long wooden table.

Issue 277 - September 2018

Check out Tom's most recent article in Fine Woodworking Magazine on this original Adirondack Chair — designed for comfort and built to last.

Tommy MacDonald getting his makeup done for the show in 2010.

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Coffee Table Frame Plans

The first really good resource I found when I started woodworking is Fine Woodworking Magazine and website. They are an amazing source for articles, ...

Woodworker: William Turner

Shaker Sewing Stand by Christian Becksvoort: Fine Woodworking Shaker Furniture, Fine Woodworking, Woodworking

Fine Woodworking

... jason mccloskey fine woodworking website